□Training & Planning Department


The training at the MINETEC(International institute for Mining Technology, JMEC), which develops resource development personnel through intensive training, and the human resource development project at the JMEC Headquarters, which mainly conducts on-site practical training to acquire advanced knowledge and a wide range of information, are carried out in an integrated manner to improve efficiency. We will promote our business strategically and strongly (see reference diagram).


●Training & Planning Division

In order to intensive training related to mineral resources, which is in high demand by domestic and foreign stakeholders, we will create the curriculum for the next training course, coordinate requests for instructors, plan and formulate schedules, etc.

(1) Human resource development training project

① Training for Mining Development

② Training for Metallurgy/Recycling (basic course/specialized course (pyrometallurgy/hydrometallurgy/recycling)

③ Others

(2) International cooperation training program

① Knowledge Co-creation Program (project commissioned by JICA)

② Others


●Personnel Training Division

In order to improve the ability to collect and analyze information, the ability to negotiate, nurture personal connections, and acquire high-level specialized knowledge, the following projects will be carried out for employees of Japanese companies involved in overseas mineral resource development (open recruitment on the JMEC website).

(1) Support for participation in overseas geological seminars held by JMEC

(2) Support for participation in overseas academic conferences, mining conventions, etc.

(3) Support for participation in seminars on mine evaluation (FS) overseas

(4) Training for Geological survey at overseas sites

(5) Training for Remote sensing analysis technology

(6) Support for handling the latest analysis equipment such as geological chronology analysis and participation in analysis technology training

(7) Support for participation in seabed mineral resource development training

(8) Subsidies for personnel training institutions